“Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything thats counted truly counts”



I have mixed feelings these days. I can’t even tell if I’m happy or sad! It is such a weird situation that I’m facing nowadays. The Joy of graduation, the relief about being able to put a dot at the end of my academic journey, the sadness of getting separared from such an enjoyable adventure, the excitement of unforeseen future and the anxieties that drags these feelings into a mesmerizing flame! Despite the oddity, I like the feel…

My master degree in architecture was exactly same. My perceptions, believes, ideologies and my approaches have changed a lot during these 3 years. And I can surely say that I’m not the same person who started this program in summer 2015! I can even say the practice I had done before this school, wasn’t architecture at all!

During this period, one of the main critiques that I had ever had was about my hand drawing skills. Though I didn’t have any difficulties or issues with sketching, I always had a different perspective on this TOOL. As I’ve just said sketching was only a TOOL for me. A TOOL to see what I’m thinking. It was a fluid transitional stage from my mind to the digital world. It was a TOOL to help me to progress the process. Sure I had times when I spent hours drawing meaningless sketches. But I had never intended to have them as a pictures drawing which would become an ornamental piece of my design.

Sometimes I ask myself a question; will the future generation, who will not experience the same accessories, have the same feeling about these tools? Is it just a memory that bind us to them? Or its all about the excitation of the multiple senses that attract us to have this practice over and over? To be honest I don’t know the answer! But I would like to invite you to have a peak upon the minutes of my sketches from 2015-2018.



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