NAFAS Building


Nafas Building

NAFAS building was a place for physicians’ and it was going to be full of patients coming here seeking the cure. Therefore, we determined to create a complex which would be a symbol of life and hope. Nafas is a Persian word meaning “Breath” which led us to have these meanings as concept and outline of our work. The project was designed and placed sun breakers, with an ability to rotate along their axis, in the façade. These shades rotate and change their degree due to their residents’ demand. This form changing of sun breakers gives the building the sense of inhaling and exhaling which symbolizes the action of breathing.


  • Co-Design (schematic design phase) : Niloufar Moradi, Bahare Hemmativajh
  • Co-Design (design development phase) : Dr. Javad Samadi
  • Category : Commercial 
  • Date : 10 March 2014
  • Client : Gala Consulting Company & Pendar e paydar
  • Location : Urmia . Iran
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