The Lighthouse


a Lighthouse for Rikko Beach

Sea calms me,
People make me feel alive,
And I bury my feet in land covered with sand,
chasing the sun towards a sunset,
the light beam flickers and I’m there right below it,
I have arrived,
here at home leaning on the lighthouse.

Brief Information

The Lighthouse competition involves the design of an un-manned structure with a light-source to act as a focal point for the area.
The structure may be constructed from any material, and innovation is an unusual formal expression is encouraged. The only requirement is that the light-source is accessible for maintenance. The ‘Lighthouse’ should be positioned anywhere along Geroskipou Beach in Paphos, Cyprus.


The site is defined by its place alongside the Mediterranean Sea, and the role of any architecture here–especially a lighthouse–is to respond to this expanse of water and the horizon it creates. The proposed design is a frame, one that not only gathers the ocean and the sun into its canvas, but also the viewers, those who occupy this beach. The structure, through its arrangement of materials, becomes a dynamic gradient that moves from opacity to transparency. A seamless view is thus defined.

Cypriots are known for their strong sense of friendship and family bonds. What could be more important than having a community hub, a focal point that defines a kind of gravitational center for the beach? A place where you can enjoy watching kids and families swimming and playing alongside the beach while lying down by the evening fire?

And the flickering light–the intention is to turn the traditional lighthouse beam into a new kind of beacon, a jewel that will glow and signal people to gather, rather than to warn of danger. It becomes an artificial member of society. It will react to local behavior, each pulse of light instigated by locally-posted social media. The jewel will start to blink with each incoming feeds. Once a critical mass of activity has been reached, the light will balance at a steady state of illumination.

The light will bind the people and people will outlast the light.

In addition, I would like to thank “” for providing such a meaningful photo for the “Frame” render’s background.


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